Finding a good and reliable real estate agency is essential. Buyers and sellers sometimes to avoid any possible costs may want to get into real estate on their own and find themselves in a risky business that can ultimately cost them their life savings.
It seems easy at first glance.

To better understand, let me put it this way: I know how to use scissors but that does not mean I know how to cut my own hair, so I’m going to the hairdresser to have my hair cut. A bad haircut will grow out, but when speaking of real estate transactions there is a risk of losing your down payment or entire life’s savings if you don’t do it right.

Dear clients, selling or buying a home is something many people do only once or twice in a lifetime. It is like a new life that is born, and often this is exactly what it means for you, even sometimes you are not aware of that. Selling or buying a home is a big deal and  agency cost should not be your top priority. What matters is excellence and quality.

We offer service you will long remember. With our team, guiding you through every step of the journey, the entire property transaction, which can be very complex and stressful, will be a painless and unique experience.
We offer a full service in one place, at the right time, a large number of real estates and complete legal services. Dear clients, selling or buying a home withouth the help of a real estate agent, could cost you more in the end. Make no mistake, though: Working on your own will require a huge amount of time, effort and knowhow in your search for the right property, thinking it would be enough to just show up at a law office for drawing up a contract.  With the help of a real estate agency you can get all services in one place, a large offer of properties and complete legal services required to finalize buying or selling of a property.

Real estate agents are globally-recognized and well respected professionals, registered at the national level.

The same as you choose a hairdresser or a dentist, it is equally important to choose a trusted  real estate agency. The following are important questions before choosing your real estate agency:

  • Whether the agent in charge of you is employed with the real estate agency you have chosen or is a subcontractor for that agency ? (In case of a law suit due to improperly performed work it is important whether you claim damage from a trusted agency or an unknown business.)
  • Does the agency has its registered office?
  • Is it a licensed real estate agency?
  • Does the agency hire a lawyer full time?
  • Which insurance company the agency is insured with under professional liability insurance?

Consensus nekretnine, a company with limited responsibility, has been insured under professional liability insurance to protect its clients and guarantee legal security of property transactions.