Services for buyers

  • We save your precious time finding the best property for you, as we have them all in one place.
  • We find the properties that match both your budget and lifestyle.
  • On our website we offer a large number of properties; Sometimes properties are advertised without photos in situations where owners wish to remain unknown. It is, therefore, very important to call the agency and tell exactly what you are looking for.
  • We provide you with professional advice on how to invest safely in real estate. When buying any kind of real estate you must carefully consider the location (vicinity of the  school, kindergarten, public transport and other) . THE RIGHT LOCATION PRESENTS A SAFE INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY. LATER ON, IT IS EASY TO MAKE MODIFICATIONS TO THE PROPERTY, BUT IT IS NO MORE POSSIBLE TO TRANSFER IT TO ANOTHER LOCATION. This advice is equally important whether you are buying a property for personal housing or rent.
  • Our licensed agent will take you on a tour of the properties of your choice.
  • We check the status and ownership of the seller’s property. If someone else has been named to transact business for the seller under a power of attorney, we check whether the power of attorney form contain all important details to allow for advance payment and completion of the property transaction, and all what is required to get a loan to buy a property.
  • We have good cooperation with all major banks in the City of Rijeka and can provide assistance in buying real estates with loans from making your first appointment with a personal banker and submitting all necessary documents for obtaining a loan (title deed, down payment contract, copies of personal document all of the parties involved, letter of intent on mortgage of the property with another banks, execution of loan agreement etc.) to monitoring the loan process to end for each client.
  • We are here to prepare you and warn of all the circumstances that may arise and procedures that must be followed in a property deal. Unlike cash sale that can be quickly achieved in a period of up to 7 days, credit sale, which is most often the case, is insecure and uncertain lasting 2 -3 months and here we provide a full legal support from assessment to documentation.
  • We take all actions related to the registration of ownership of property in the Land Register, including registration of mortgage over the property.
  • We draw up any legal acts such as down payment contract, sale contract, deed and others.
  • We check the status of utility accounts to avoid paying any outstanding debts of the former owners.
  • We submit all necessary documentation to tax authorities and advise you in case you are entitled to tax exempt.
  • We take all actions related to the transfer of ownership of registered property into the name of the new owner in the Land Registry.
  • We take all actions related to the transfer of utility accounts into the name of the new owner.
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